Beautiful Ways to Aerate Stagnant Water

A pond on the property is a fun asset. Ponds attract ducks, turtles, and frogs. They also attract annoying and harmful insects if the water is stagnant. Aeration is important to keep away mosquitoes, reduce the algae, and improve the water quality. Introducing oxygen into the pond also sustains the eco-system. Small ponds can be properly aerated with decorative pond fountains. They are easy to install, come in many shapes and sizes, and add beauty to the yard. Some include added features such as different settings to alter the spray patterns or programmable controls that will automatically turn the fountain on and off at desired times.

Larger or deep ponds, commercial water features, and long narrow ponds will also require an additional aeration system to accompany the fountain. Most fountains work well in a six-foot depth but do not have enough power to move water from the bottom of the pond. When shopping for a fountain, find out the size of the motor and manufacturer recommendations for best use. That is especially important if the pond is not exactly small, but not big either. Top manufacturers, such as Kasco, Easypro Aqua, and Otterbine, will provide detailed information regarding what size fountain should be used on ponds of varying sizes. Explore all the styles available before purchasing to get one that suits the pond’s needs. If shopping online, be sure to review all the information included in the product description. That will avoid the cost of return shipping should it have to be sent back.

Another use for ponds is to collect stormwater and filter debris. Commercial property owners are beginning to add stormwater ponds at the edge of parking lots, in grassy areas, and in hotel courtyards. They capture runoff water, prevent huge puddles from forming, and reduce flooding. Fountains in those ponds help to drastically decrease the insect population near the business while attracting visitors. Adding a lighting kit to a pond fountain adds to the beauty of the spray. Those operating a fountain will need cleaning supplies and sludge remover for maintenance and to keep the sprinklers clear of debris. Proper maintenance will also prolong the life of the fountain and keep it running efficiently.

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