Decorating White T-Shirts With Dye, Fabric Paint And Embellishments

If a parent or teacher would like to offer children a fun project, they can purchase plain white t-shirts and allow kids to decorate them with dye, fabric paint and embellishments. The following steps describe how to set up an outdoor decorating area and ways that children can use materials to create customized shirts.


  • wholesale t-shirts (several sizes)
  • vinyl tarp or drop cloth
  • patio table
  • chairs
  • plastic basin
  • water
  • fabric dye
  • sponges
  • scissors
  • fabric paint
  • aluminum pans
  • paintbrushes
  • rhinestones
  • rhinestone securing tool

Dyeing Fabric

Wholesale t-shirts that are manufactured by Jerzees and other popular brands can be purchased in bulk. Several sizes should be selected to ensure that each child will be provided with a garment that fits them. A vinyl tarp or drop cloth should be laid across the ground or a patio. A patio table can be placed on top of a tarp or drop cloth. Chairs need to be placed around a table so that children can sit down and relax while they are creating their masterpieces. If children would like to dye their shirts, an adult needs to assist them with doing so. Dye and water can be added to a plastic basin before dipping a garment into the container.

Adding Painted Designs And Securing Embellishments

After dyed garments have dried, designs can be added to them with fabric paint. Paint should be poured into aluminum pans. A pair of sharp scissors can be used to cut sponges into shapes. Sponge shapes need to be dipped into paint. Each sponge shape should be pressed firmly against fabric. If children would like to add customized designs or words to their shirts, they can each use a thin paintbrush to add fabric paint. Fabric paint may require several hours to dry.

Rhinestones that are secured to shirts will provide garments with a flashy and colorful appearance. A parent or teacher can use a rhinestone securing tool to attach rhinestones to the parts of each shirt that a child has selected. Children will experience a sense of pride when they wear their colorful creations and may look forward to decorating other shirts in the future.

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